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A domain name is a business-critical asset.

Lots of places sell them. Many advertise them very cheaply. Some may even promise them for free, in exchange for taking other services like email services or website hosting.

Before you obtain a domain name at a discount, ask yourself how the provider can offer it. Cheap certainly isn't always cheerful.

'Buyer beware'.

There may be hidden fees - for example a 'transfer out' fee or charges for services which you just assumed were included. Your chosen name may be purchased on your behalf - registered to the provider, not to you, so you don't even own it.

A problem with your domain name can cause serious knock-on problems: your website may not be available or important emails may never be received. If things go wrong, support may be poor, slow (email only) or costly (premium rate call centre). Will you be reminded when it's time to renew? If you're not, you could lose your name forever.

Simply safer.

Buy your domain from Innerbox and we personally manage every aspect. We'll check the registration detail is correct. We'll look after any transfers or DNS issues. We'll automatically renew your domains for you as they become due. If you ever want to leave us (which we sincerely doubt), there's no tie-in. We'll quickly help you move on.

To actively use your domain name (for example with our website hosting or email package), choose our "Hosted" service at £25+VAT p/a. To register a name and keep it dormant so no one else can access it, choose our 'Parked' service at £15+VAT p/a.

We can supply, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .eu, and, with other suffixes available on request.

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