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If there's one facility your business couldn't survive without, it's this.

Just think for a second. Where would you be without email? It's almost certainly the main form of communication with your customers.

Some suppliers make buying email services complicated and costly. We prefer to keep things simple and affordable.

Buy just what you need.

Why pay for mailboxes you may not use? We don't sell our mailboxes in large multi-packs. If you want just one mailbox, that's absolutely fine. If you need more as your company grows, we can add them when they're needed.

All Innerbox POP3 mailboxes come with the following:

1Gb of message space - Enough space to easily store all your emails.
No message delivery limits - Ensures even the largest attachments make it through.
Sophisticated anti-virus and spam filtering as standard - No viruses and no offers for cheap Rolexes!
Webmail - Check, collect and reply to your mail from any browser anywhere in the world.
Auto-responders - Respond to email automatically when taking that well deserved break!
Unlimited mail forwarding/aliases - Have email from multiple addresses arrive in one mailbox.

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