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Programming - code and scripts - tells computers, browsers and web servers what to do.

If it's written well, the application - for instance a web page or online database - will work as intended. It'll be fast, robust, and run across different platforms seamlessly.

If the code is sloppy, or cuts corners, things will go wrong.

We write and develop all code for clients ourselves, in-house. That way, we know precisely how it ticks and what it will do: the job you want, day after day. PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Perl, Access, SQL Server and MySQL are just some of the programming and database technologies we use.

From 100,000 record commercial intranet databases to simple yet powerful systems for new e-commerce entrepreneurs, our plain-talking, jargon-free approach gets you the solution you need.

Content management made easy.

We specialise in providing sophisticated, engaging sites and intranets that are also extraordinarily easy to manage and maintain. Our Content Management Systems lets Innerbox customers change and update website content themselves with no technical knowledge. Using any browser, on any platform, you can log in to update pricing, product images or text quickly and easily.

Tell us what you want. We'll do the rest.

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