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Search Engine Optimisation - getting high rankings for your website for key terms on search engines like Google - is 'hot stuff'.

Some SEO companies promise astonishing results in days. Proceed with care - you could well find your site removed all together for using 'cloak and dagger' tactics.

It's certainly possible to improve rankings. But we know sustained success takes careful thought. Search engines want to list legitimate pages for useful, relevant content. To ensure this, the way search engines analyse web pages is constantly evolving. Several factors affect how a page may be ranked. They include:

• The way your site is coded
• External links to and links within your site
• The way tags (page title, alt tags, header tags etc) are used and written
• The way site copy is structured to integrate key words and key phrases. Keyword frequency, keyword density and keyword prominence for instance.
• How your site is submitted for analysis

Simply creating a page crammed with keywords is not the way to engage a potential prospect.

We code our sites carefully to make sure they are as search engine friendly as possible. And, where SEO is an issue for certain keywords or phrases, we can work with specialist SEO Analysis Consultants and experienced web copywriter associates to develop appropriately targeted content.

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