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Website hosting is hosting...isn't it?

Well, we'd argue the answer's emphatically 'no'.

Lots of hosting factors can affect the performance of your website.

First, there's the location of your web server. Whilst certain providers use facilities outside the UK to cut costs, speed of response can suffer. Similarly, how many sites are on each server? Some companies will host 500 or more. At peak periods, surfing your site will seem like wading through glue. And if your web pages aren't regularly backed up, you run the risk of a crash wiping out your site altogether.

UK servers. No more than 50 sites each.

Innerbox only uses fast, hi-spec dedicated servers located within the UK (Gloucestershire) running latest operating systems. Because we only ever allow a maximum of 50 sites on any one server, response times are lightening fast even at the busiest periods.

Outside of scheduled maintenance, we guarantee 99.9% up-time. Our backup schedules are rigorous. We copy all your web files and databases every six hours. Files are then also transferred to our dedicated backup server.

We can also tell you who's visiting your site, from where and when. All our website hosting packages include free setup of Google Analytics' web statistics and daily or weekly reports automatically emailed to you upon request.

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